Flying with the kiddos

We decided to plan a surprise trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth for the boys. While driving is our preferred mode of transportation, we decided to fly because we were only going for a few days.

Are we nuts? Thankfully it was only a 2 hour flight.  
It had been three years since I’d flown so I was a bit nervous, especially about security and the kids.  I remembered it being rushed and chaotic.  If at all possible, flying out of smaller airports makes this a bit easier.  But even the larger ones have some sympathy for the parents with the strollers, bags and little ones.  One nice change is that you don’t need to take your kids shoes off. And you can bring sippy cups and bottles (though they will check the liquids).
A couple of things I learned:
  • Jet Blue has free drinks and snacks.  However, I still packed more.  Food helped keep the kids busy.
  • Activities: iPad, crayons, toy cars, and flash cards were good distractions.
  • Traveling with a lap infant? Ask the boarding agents if the flight is full; if it isn’t they may be able to accommodate so that there is an empty seat next to you. 
  • Make sure the kids are drinking something as the plane ascends and descends.  It helps with the ear popping.
If at all possible, stay relaxed.  As with any situation,  kids feed off of their parents’ energy.  And, have fun!  It’s a new adventure for the kids after all.

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