The nap time dance

Ahhh, the nap time dance.  You know what I’m talking about.

Me: Time for a nap.
PQ: I have to go potty.
Me: Okay, let’s go.  (Potty accomplished)
Me: Time for a nap.
PQ: Where’s my cookie and teddy (blanket and stuffed dog)?
Me: In you room.  Let’s go.
PQ: But I’m thirsty.  Can I have something to drink?

And it can go on and on.

So parents what do you do?  Do you indulge?  Do you become a drill sergeant? Do you compromise?

The nap time dance (and now the bed time dance) has been getting progressively longer.  I’ve found that I vacillate between compromise and drill sergeant.  I was the world’s worst napper.  So I get it.  And I don’t want PQ to grow to despise naps/sleep.  But, I also don’t want him to think he can work me over.

I usually let PQ have about 3 (delay) requests.  He feels like he has some control.  After the three I drill down.   Is this wise?  I’m I too nice?  Am I too tough?

Parenthood.  It’s the one job that doesn’t have a written handbook; on the job training at its finest.


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