Dream to Achieve

“A dream is a wish your heart makes,” Cinderella.

It’s easy to become complacent.  Fall into a routine.  Grow lazy.  We can blame our lack of motivation on sleep deprivation, kids, everyday distractions.

The thing is, once we stop dreaming, once we stop believing, then where does our hope go?

We as humans are motivated by accomplishments.  We work hard in school to graduate.  We work hard at our job to earn promotions and raises.  We study hard to earn good grades to get into universities.

I had been feeling quite weary and for no good reason.  Life was good; my boys were keeping me busy, my husband’s business was doing well.  However, I realized recently that I had stopped setting goals for myself.  I had stopped dreaming.  I was only half-heartedly going through the routines.  For some reason, when I left my sales and marketing job of eight years to become a stay at home mom in March, I left my motivation behind.  I grew, dare I say it, complacent.

It wasn’t until I applied for the 2014 Disney Parks Moms Panel that I realized I was hoping again.  Yet it was so far-fetched and I knew it.  Why?  Not because there were 10,000+/- applicants and this was my first time applying; but because I hadn’t really committed to anything in a long while.  I hadn’t dared to dream; and when you don’t let yourself be free to dream and believe, you stifle a very core part of yourself.

I had fun with the process.  Even made it to Round 2!  But I was only about 80% there.  I didn’t dare to dream beyond Round 2 and I think that in and of itself kept me from moving on to Round 3.

What did the Disney Parks Moms Panel journey do for me?  It INSPIRED me and reminded me that there is, “a great big beautiful tomorrow.”  I had all kinds of goals when I left my paid job in March.  I had dreams.  I had aspirations.  And I grew complacent.

It is time to dream again.  It is time to believe.  I need this as much as I need air to breath and water to live.

I must send a great big thank you to Gary Buchanan, Social Media Managing Editor and Public Relations Manager for Walt Disney World Resort and Disney Parks and his selection team.  It was an amazing journey to be a part of!  And to all the other Moms Panel hopefuls and new panelists, I am so grateful to have met you!  

I have found a spark again.


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