Too lazy to put back the shopping cart

I went to a big box store today (I know, I know).  I needed to pick up a pair of pjs for my Christmas Sharing Tree little boy and tape to wrap his presents.  SAJ and I be-bopped through the store…him touching and eyeing everything we passed.  Surprisingly enough, we were in and out in 20 minutes.

Out in the parking lot I see a woman park her shopping cart on the curb–next to another shopping cart that was parked on the curb.  Now, we were maybe 50 feet from the entrance; not exactly a long way to walk.  And, since when is exercise a bad thing anyway?

I just shook my head, got in the car and tried to exit the parking lot.  Enter people who lack the ability to use blinkers. So while people sat and waited (not so) patiently, others were blissfully ignorant that the waiting was due to them.

This got me thinking about how in general, we’ve seemed to have lost some of that respect for others that Southern moms have beaten into their kids since the dawn of time.  How often is the door held open?  How often to you see someone give up their seat for an elderly person, a pregnant woman or someone who clearly has a need to sit?  Conversely, how often do you see someone running that light? Or rushing to jump in line ahead of someone at the store?  Or simply fail to say the basics: please and thank you?

What has happened?  When did we become a nation of me?  Is it that we are so frazzled that we forget?  Are we so busy that we have blinders on and forget there are others around?   Are we over extended and too plugged in?

It makes me pause and take a look at how I treat others.  I do not posses an abundant amount of patience.  I am frazzled with 2 little guys, either of which can throw a tantrum without warning.  I over-extend.  Do I allow this to override the basic societal “rules” or norms of respect?  I certainly hope not, but I am certain I have been guilty, whether intentional or not.

So today, I thank all of those who put their shopping cart in the parking lot shopping cart bins.  It’s a small act that can take up to a minute of time, but it is an act that conveys thoughtfulness and respect.

May we all strive to put our shopping carts away.


5 thoughts on “Too lazy to put back the shopping cart

  1. BabyRaRa says:

    I was just talking about this exact sentiment today with a friend and used people not putting the carts back as an example. Well said. Thanks for posting!! So much in the world would be better, I'm convinced, if we all were a little more respectful and kind to one another!


  2. Lorraine Petty says:

    Hi Anne! Didn't know you blog, I like this! I'll check back from time to time. 🙂 I like your post! It is definitely the little things that people often overlook in a big rush. Good character, to me, is about doing it all the time. I just started blogging, as well. I started two, actually! Did you see my I just posted it on facebook.


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