Visiting A Christmas Story House

“You’ll shoot your eye out.”Ahh those famous words that immediately call to mind one of America’s beloved Christmas movies. You know, that heartwarming tale of Ralphie, Randy, their mom, the Old Man, the Daisy Red Ryder BB gun and of course, the lamp.

On our most recent trip to Cleveland, OH, we decided to visit the infamous A Christmas Story House & Museum. Purchased in 2005 by Brian Jones of California, Mr. Jones had the vision to turn the then rental home into a museum dedicated to this piece of Americana.

We drove to the western part of the city, down to 11th street in the Tremont neighborhood. It was the week of Christmas and we managed to find parking in one of the neighbor’s yards for a mere $10.  They told us that while the museum is open year round, traffic is heaviest from Thanksgiving through the second week of January.

My husband bought tickets (adults: $10, kids 7-12: $6, and kids under 6: free!) got in line, and in about 15 minutes called me to say bring the kiddos (it was a bit cold and they were napping).

The home is decorated as if we were in the movie. While no interior shots were filmed at the house, there’s still a bit of magic having your picture taken next to the leg lamp in the window.  Plus, they’ve set up other great photo ops: soap in the bathroom, phone in the hallway, and the opening under the kitchen sink.

Next we headed across the street to the museum, that was loaded with memorabilia from the film.  Included are props, costumes and photos.  I really wish the kids had not picked that time to have major meltdowns, because it would have been awesome to have seen it all.  I did get a glimpse of Mrs. Shield’s chalkboard though.

Finally, you can visit the gift shop where you too can purchase your very own leg lamp or bunny suit.

This is a fun, family outing.  While it was crowded when we went, I look forward to returning again and reliving some of the moments from one of my very favorite Christmas movies.  Hopefully when the kids are older, we can take more time soaking it up.

Now, if only there were a real Griswold house to restore…


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