Renting Disney Vacation Club Points

One of the best kept secrets for an affordable stay in deluxe accomadations at the Walt Disney World Resort is renting Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Points.

What is the DVC?
The DVC is Disney’s “timeshare” program (for lack of a better term).  Members buy points at their home resort–Animal Kingdom Lodge, Sarasota Springs, Old Key West, Wilderness Lodge, Bay Lake Towers, Beach Club Villas, Boardwalk Villas or the new Grand Floridian Villas at Walt Disney World Resort, along with Aulani in Hawaii, Vero Beach, FL and Hilton Head, SC– pay a yearly maintenance fee and then stay in either a studio, 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom villa based on how many points they own.

How does the DVC work?

Main Pool and slide at Disney’s Old Key West Resort

Each year DVC releases their points chart.  Members use the point chart to determine where, when and for how long they wish to stay based on how many points they own.  Members can secure reservations at their home resorts 11 months prior and 7 months prior if it is a DVC property that is not their home resort.  Points may also be used to book vacations around the world through their Members Getaway program.

How does this save me money?
Often, DVC members are not able to use all of their points for their given use year.  In this case, they opt to rent their points to fellow Disney lovers.  They have two methods of doing this; either through a broker or direct rental (see below for more info on this).

Let’s say you are a family of four and your two kids are ages 2 and 4.  You want to go to Walt Disney World for 6 nights and stay in a studio at Animal Kingdom Lodge (AKL).  You are going in January when the crowd levels are lower.

For the sake of this post, let’s say you rent points at $13 per point.  You can stay at AKL in a studio ranging from 69 -125 points per week.  That translates to $897 for a standard view studio to $1625 for the concierge level per week.

Savannah View overlooking Arusha Rock at AKL–Jambo House

By comparison, rack rates are currently $2565 for 6 nights at AKL with a standard view. That is a 65% savings!  If you opted for the Savannah View (which I recommend!) the cost

is $3366 plus tax versus $1326 renting DVC points.  That is a 61% savings!

Keep in mind each DVC property is different and the time of year dictates rates.  If you want to stay at Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort or The Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, I suggest that you get your reservations in early.  If you are only a couple of months out, there is usually plenty of room at Sarasota Springs or Old Key West.

Where do you rent points?  
There are a few options.  There is David’s Vacation Club Rentals, DVC Rental Store, or you can contact members directly.  The brokers are currently renting at $14 per point and they are very reputable.

If you wish to contact owners directly, is an online forum for those who own DVC.  There is a thread on this forum for those looking to rent points.  The prices vary; it is up to the sole discretion of the owner to set the price per point that they are looking for.  Members pay yearly membership dues and they need to recoup their costs.

We have rented points for as little as $9 pp and $11pp.  However, the going rate seems to be about $13.  If you want to rent direct, I suggest you visit the forum daily to check in for the latest postings.  Just keep in mind, this is a direct person to person transaction which may involve risk. You must be willing to assume the risk associated with this form of renting.

Have you rented DVC points?  What are your thoughts?


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