Planning a tropical vacation!

My husband just gave me the nod!  Waaaaahooowaaaaa!!!!!! I get to plan our next amazing vacation.

Can you tell that I’m excited?  Where to this time?  Belize.  In Central America.  Yup, that Belize.  Gorgeous water, amazing food, and adventures of a lifetime.

It’s been 5 years since we visited Belize.  Our last trip was for our honeymoon; an amazing 10 day trip that combined adventures in the jungle (San Ignacio) with outstanding 5 star accommodations on the water (San Pedro).  We talked about returning.  However, I didn’t realize it would only be 5 short years later, and with two little boys in tow.

This time we are visiting an entirely different part of the country. We are heading south to the pristine beaches of Placencia.  A small little fishing village of 750, this area is becoming a popular tourist destination.

We are leaving in just a few short months.  Normally a trip like this would take about 6 months of planning.  The truth is, we had this trip planned for last October, however, the air fair was so high that we chose to delay and take our kids to Walt Disney World instead (I know, big surprise).

Now the fun begins.  Because we have little ones, I am a bit more cautious.  No zip lining, water tubing and caving this time around.  However, kayaking, playing in the water, visiting a Mayan ruin and boating are all a must.

We ordered the kids passports, set up doctor appointments to make sure we are up to date with vaccinations and I just booked our plane tickets.  Thanks to we got amazing rates. Now to quell the anxiety of flying, and especially the anxiety of international flights with 2 little guys. More on that later.

I know we are blessed.  I can’t wait to share the details of this amazing country and our vacation planning.


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