Choosing a hotel in Placencia


I am beside myself with excitement for our upcoming trip to Placencia, Belize.  I absolutely adore Belize.  There is so much to do both inland and on the coast.

On our last adventure we went cave tubing down Caves Branch River, visited Actun Tunichil Muknal, saw the Mayan ruins of Xunantunich and went for a few treks in the jungle while we stayed at Cahal Pech Village Resort in San Ignacio.  
Then we headed to the coast and spent a few days in San Pedro on Ambergris Key.  Based out of Victoria House, we ventured with snorkeling gear out to the Great Blue Hole. We also saw the chicken drop, rode a few catamarans and ate the best food you can ever dream of. 
Farmers Market, San Ignacio

This trip is more business, less adventure, and with 2 tots in tow.  But, it’s Belize, which means the trip is sure to be un-Belizeable regardless of the pace.  

Our initial thought heading into the trip was that we would stay on the beach, along the sidewalk, in the town of Placencia.  After reviewing 60 websites, and subsequent reviews, for hotels, B&Bs, inns, independent residences, condos, villas and resort hotels, we surprised ourselves by choosing a location 4 miles north, in the town of Seine Bight.  Seine Bight is a Garifuna village, a culture that is indigenous to the Caribbean Coast.  
Chicken Drop, San Pedro

What led us to this?  If it were just the two of us, accommodations wouldn’t have been very important.  But, what we found is that it’s a bit more tricky to find a place that sleeps 4 comfortably (by US standards). We found a lot of places that had a double bed and a twin bed; a tight squeeze for a family of four.

The other issue was that most of the places we could afford were right next to popular bars.  Traveling without kids that would be awesome.  With little ones who need to sleep, that could pose as an issue.

We found high end resorts with every amenity under the sun, for a mere $250 + a night (ouch).  Others we inquired with and they quoted back prices $20-$40 higher than advertised on their websites.  

While we are traveling to an amazing location, we are traveling on a budget.  We would LOVE the 5 star resorts on the one hand, but we really want authenticity on the other.  Having the little guys, I wanted to stay beachside; it’s just easier.  
The pier at Victoria House

We are renting a car, so we factored that into our decision.  With transportation, we can drive into the villages and eat the local cuisine.  Belizean food is incredible.  I simply can’t get enough of it.  And with a little Marie Sharps, it is absolutely addictive.

So where are we going?  The Nautical Inn.  From the interactions I’ve had already, I feel confident that this was a great choice.  It is right on the sea, has a pool, and there is wi-fi onsite.  It is small, but has a restaurant on site for a Belkin or rum drinks in the evening and breakfast in the morning.

I am so excited!  I can’t wait to introduce our boys to the calm waters of the Caribbean and the amazing culture of Belize.


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