The not so girly girl and Kiss Lashes

A few weeks ago I received some products to review from Influesnter.  It was exciting to see the various goodies.

One of the products was the Kiss So Natural Lashes.  To say I was intimidated was an understatement.  You see, I am not a girly girl.  I wear makeup and do my hair, but I am the tired mom of two tots under the age of four. Who has time for false lashes???

But, I thought, I made a commitment, let’s give it a shot.  And guess what.  It was not hard at all!  What a pleasant surprise.

So for all of you out there who are newbies to the world of false lashes…here is a very easy tutorial.

1) Go buy a pair of Kiss Lashes.

2) Take out the packaging.  There is a little bottle of glue.  Apply this to the top of your lid.

3) Take the lash and place it carefully along the glue line.  Tweasers may help (I was afraid I’d poke my eye out b/c I have shaky hands).

4) Apply make up.

5) Go wow your family and friends!

Editors note: this product was given to me free by Influenster for the purpose of testing and review.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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