Using the My Disney Experience Wish List to Plan

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World Resort

I am a planner.  This is not a secret.  For me, half the fun of a trip is researching the restaurants, hotels and experiences to make our vacations unforgettable.  After all, if we are investing the money to go somewhere, I want to get as much as I can from the experience.

One of the things I love most about Walt Disney World Resort is that each vacation can be different.  Sure, we are heading to the same destination, but the experience each time is unique.  So, while we head to the same destination, every vacation brings it own set of new memories.  And I Love it!

Walt Disney World has an online application called,  My Disney Experience (MDE), of which I am a huge fan.  It is an online application that allows you to trip plan.  You can link your family’s accounts and make reservations, check-in online to your resort, customize your MagicBand and set your Fastpass+.   Even more convenient is that you can access this app from your laptop, smart phone and tablet.

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World Resort

One feature I’ve recently been using is My Wish List.  Why?  Well, at the 180 day prior to arrival mark, it is strongly encouraged that you make dining reservations for the more poplar restaurants and experiences.

So I am taking advantage of my time now, researching which restaurants we want to visit, somewhat based on where we are staying (Fort Wilderness Lodge Villas!!!!).  As I find restaurants and experiences that I’d like to try, I add them to My Wish List which is an aggregator of sorts.

When the 180 day mark arrives, I can go to My Wish List, click through each link and make my reservations.  This way I am not going through the entire Walt Disney World Resort website searching for individual restaurants and clicking through links.  So very easy!

Disney really has put a lot of thought into Guest experiences.  While their IT department gets some grief, and there are glitches, overall they really strive to streamline the guest experience.


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