A Monsters University 4th Birthday Party: Part 1- Party Planning

A monstrous good time was had this past weekend!  It was our oldest son’s 4th birthday and we threw a party that was fit for the occasion.

I started planning about 3 months ago, brainstorming ideas that would be entertaining for a dozen 2-4 year olds.  We had been watching Monsters University over and over and I realized there was a wealth of opportunity with a Monsters U theme.

I went on Spoonful and began browsing ideas. There was a pattern for MU varsity pennants that I printed off and made.  They looked great. Once those were made I thought it would be fun to make varsity patches. Using the same pattern and some felt; viola step one was complete.

Then I thought that it would be fun to have fraternity and sorority letters (cheer cards) represented along with the pennants.  I went online and found the letters for ROR, EEK, OK and HSS and printed them off as a pattern to go by. From there came the idea to make fraternity and sorority patches for each of the children.  About a month later I was finally done crafting :-).

Next it was time to figure out what we were going to do. And then it hit me–the Birthday Games.  The Birthday Games are a variation of the Scare Games which Oozma Kappa sort of won, maybe.  Well, not so much.

We entitled them the Birthday Games for any parents/kiddos who weren’t familiar with the movie…we didn’t want to “scare” them off.

I came up with four challenges.  It was a tough balance; I wanted to fill time, but on the other hand kids will only stay focused for so long.  These were fun and easy to execute.

Once the party was set it was time to come up with decorations.  I already had the pennants and fraternity cheer cards, but we needed more.  My sister in law gave me some fabulous items including the backdrop for photos.  Then I made some fun centerpieces and Mike pathway markers.  The markers were such a hit that the kids ended up moving them around (as seen in the photo below). I sprinkled in some toys and balloons and a party was born.

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