Cheers Restaurant, Belize

It’s a popular destination for folks traveling throughout Belize.  Cheers Restaurant, located on the Western Highway, is great little place to eat after a long day of traveling.
The seating is outdoors, under a covered pavilion of sorts.  Due to it’s size it can accommodate the large tour groups that come in from the cruise ships for their land excursions. There are hundreds of t-shirts hanging from the ceiling that have been signed by tourists.
We’ve been twice and we find that it is a nice, relaxing (but hey we’re in Belize so it’s ALL relaxing) place to stop and catch our breath after a long flight in from the states. Here you can spot humming birds, lizards, and a few ponies in the pasture.  There is also a playground for little ones.  The washrooms are nice and clean.
Located about 40 minutes West of Belize City, the menu has a wide variety, from the Belizean favorite of chicken, beans, and rice to hamburgers and grilled cheese sandwiches for the less adventurous eaters. The prices are okay, a little high, but the food hits the spot for weary travelers.  

If you are traveling down the Western Highway and looking for a place with good food and a nice atmosphere, check out Cheers.


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