Barefoot Bar, Placencia

We stopped in to have lunch at the infamous Barefoot Bar.  It has quite the reputation as the a local hotspot at night, but we are traveling with tots so we went when it was less hoppy.

The Barefoot Bar is located on the famous Placencia sidewalk.  It is a brightly colored restaurant, with everything painted in aquas, purples, yellows and pinks.  All of the tables are high top, bistro tables, with accompanying chairs.

There is a pretty extensive menu.  You can order 20 different kinds of wraps.  There is also a lengthy burger menu, along with the daily specials and few assorted entrées.

I ordered the conch ceviche for $10 Belizean.  It was amazing; nice and light but with a kick of spice. It was served with nacho chips My husband ordered a grilled shrimp wrap, $14 Belizean.  He received a shrimp teriyaki wrap but said it was good.  We ordered grilled cheese for the kids and the cheese was fully loaded. Sides do not come with the food unless ordered.  However, a friend shared fried plantains with us and they were cooked to perfection.

There is an intense drink menu for those who have come to have fun.  We went with standard Belikins.

Overall, it is a fun place to grab a bite and look out over the water.  The prices seemed average and the breeze hit the spot!


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