De Tatch Seafood Restaurant and Bar, Placencia

We decided to head to one of the local favorites, De Tatch Restaurant and bar located on the beach, accessible by the sidewalk.  Owned by one of the oldest families in town, De Tatch has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The restaurant itself is a thatched roof hut of sorts, made of solid wood.  The tables are a bit small for 4 people, but we made it work thanks to a high chair, which they provided.

We arrived with our two kids in tow, and did not feel pressured to silence them.  Being on the beach, the kids could go play while we waited for our food to arrive.

We ordered the two specials, fish with a lemon dill sauce and shrimp teriyaki.  We also ordered conch ceviche as an appetizer and chicken tenders for the kids.  I will note that this is one of the few places we have found where chicken tenders are on the menu.

De Tatch is pretty quick with food delivery; especially by Belizean standards. We waited no more than 20 minutes from the time we ordered until it was at our table…a record so far.

The fish dish was pretty good.  The fish itself was great; light and flaky.  The sauce was a bit heavy, especially if watching ones weight.  The mashed potatoes were plentiful.

My husband really liked his shrimp teriyaki and rice.  I am not a fan of teriyaki so I can not fairly review. I will most certainly take his word for it.

The kids loved their tenders and scarfed them up.  There were 6 on the plate and a decent size.  They were all white meat.

The only dish that bombed was the ceviche, which was surprising.  It was dry and the conch just “off”.  I have heard great reviews on it, so I will assume it was just an off night. The presentation was lovely however.

Overall, I would recommend De Tatch.  It is definitely a family friendly place (at least during dinner). The service is great, the food good and price is right.

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