Sesame Place: Tips for Newbies

Sunny days, keeping the, clouds away.  On my way to where the air is clear…can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Place?

On a HOT summer day (95 degrees to be exact) we decided to visit Sesame Place.  Located in Bucks County, PA, Sesame Place is an amusement park designed for children.  A combination of water park and fun rides, along with character meet and greets and shows, there is plenty to keep the kiddos busy.

We purchased our tickets online for a special discounted rate.  We pulled in, opted for the mid-range parking level, and loaded the boys into the stroller.  We had not visited before, so we did not  have a “strategy”.

The original plan was to ride the dry rides, have lunch, then change into swimsuits for the water rides.  However, upon arrival we decided to have lunch with Elmo and friends, and because we booked onsite (instead of in advanced) the only available time was 1:30. Once the temps hit 90 degrees by 11am, we quickly caved and headed to the water rides.

We spent about 6 hours in the park.  We did not make it to any of the shows, but our little guy has very little tolerance for those.  Based on our visit, here are some tips for other first time visitors.


  •  I did not see the need to spend the extra money ($15 or $30 per person) to jump the lines.  The longest we waited was 20 minutes. 
  • The $20 preferred parking was just around the corner from the gate.  I would avoid paying $30 to be just a few steps closer.
  • If you can swing it, book one of the character dining experiences, in advanced, for the 12:00 meal.  We opted for Lunch with Elmo and Friends.  It was $25 per adult, $15 per child.  However, given that one box of juice was $2.19, for the chance to meet characters and sit in air conditioning for an hour, it was worth it.  We figured we’d pay at least $15 per person for counter service food.
  • Dress in comfy clothes and wear either water shoes or water proof shoes.  Bring a bag with a change of clothes.  Make sure your kids have water shoes; the pavement gets HOT.
  • Save money by packing a cooler for lunch or snacks and head out to one of the picnic tables to eat.
  • When you enter the park, head straight to the back and to the right for dry rides.  Head to the back and to the left for changing rooms and/or wet rides.
  • Stay hydrated!  
  • There is a second entrance to the lazy river.  Head on back, past the island cabanas, for a much shorter wait. 
  • Make sure you take advantage of the Sesame Street “set” to take fun pictures.  


  •  Lines are relatively short.  This could be because we went during a weekday.  It could also be because the rides are super short.  
  • There are plenty of restrooms located throughout park.
  • It is a small park, therefore it doesn’t take much time to work your way through.
  • Lots and lots of rides for the little ones.  
  • Spray stations to cool off.
  • Lots of character meet and greets.
  • Great photo ops.  I love how they set up a streets cape for Sesame Street.
  • There was a lot of debris floating in the water. 
  • Lots of shouting.  Maybe it’s a Northern thing?  But people would not walk to one another to have a conversation. It got loud when several people where shouting back and forth to their parties.
  • Not enough changing areas given that it is mostly a water park.  The one changing area was in the back.  And, the men and women’s stations were in separate buildings.  

Overall, I would recommend a visit.  Most children grow up loving Sesame Street, so it is a special place for them to see.


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