Arnold’s Family Fun Center

We had a chance to visit Arnold’s Family Fun Center, in Phoenixville, PA.  I can honestly say, I’ve never seen anything like it!  Located in part of a 1 million square foot building (yes, you read that correctly) Arnold’s is the go-to destination for parties and fun.

How did I end up in Phoenixville, PA?  I was invited to join the Disney Social Media Moms Conference in Philly.  One of our fellow attendees arranged for us to visit Arnold’s the night before our conference (this was separate from the DSMMoms Conference and not affiliated).  We paid for food, but each of our children received a card with 500 points on it from Arnold’s, so we could test out their fun center. The staff were really nice and helpful.

I will start with the food.  We ordered a flat bread pizza, pepperoni slices for the kids, mozzarella sticks and a veggie burger.  It came out looking ordinary, but other than the pizza (slices, not flatbread), the food was really, very good! I highly recommend the flatbread pizza.

After dinner, it was time to play!  With two 500 point cards burning a hole in their pockets, the kids had a lot of choices for play.

Arnold’s has a bowling alley, go carts (for adults and kids), bouncy houses, arcade games, a carousel, rock climbing wall, mini-golf, more arcade games, a maze and bumper cars.  I am not sure I even covered it all!  Along with the restaurant/pub.

Our children opted for mostly arcade games and the carousel.  We wanted to go on the bouncy house, but we ran out of time.  I will say, as a small town girl, it was a bit overwhelming.  There was just so much to take in.

But, if you are a local, or visiting and looking for something fun to do, I’d say definitely check out Arnold’s! You will have a blast.


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