White Oak Lavender Farm

If you are looking for a fun, low key place to take your kiddos, consider the White Oak Lavender Farm, just south of Harrisonburg, VA.

We happened upon the Farm quite by accident after our strawberry picking trip fell through (due to lack of strawberries).  We were quite the group of moms (5) and kiddos (11).  I had never been there before and was up for a new adventure.

For just $3 per person (kiddos 2 and under free), we had access to the farm animals, a labyrinth, duck pond and life-size checker board.   For an extra $2, you can purchase a bag of food for the animals.

First up was the animals.  There is a GIANT turkey named George.  Most of the kids ran in the opposite direction of George.  But he was a sweetheart.  There were bunnies, goats, horses and chickens.  The kids loved petting the animals and feeding them.

Next we wandered past the insanely large checker board and found ourselves at the duck pond.  There were no ducks, as they were off on their own adventure, but the kids had a great time throwing rocks into the water.

Once we had sufficiently depleted the supply of rocks (many apologies to the owners and landscapers), the kids decided to try their skills at the labyrinth.  Now, given that the ages ranged from 5 months to 4 years, basically that meant they ran around like a bunch of banshies.  But it seemed like it would be a zen experience if used correctly.

We spent a little over an hour exploring the farm.  There was much more to see and do, including a guided tour, a chance to pick lavender, and a lovely gift shop.  However, with all the little guys and gals, and the heat, we opted to head home.
If you are in the area, and looking for a fun and educational activity for the kids, check out White Oak Lavender Farm.


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