Kids bowl free through September 30

Did you know that your kids can bowl free, now through Sept 30?  Yes, it’s true!  Kids get 2 free games.  And this isn’t a one time deal.  They get two free games everyday through September 30th!

I couldn’t believe it!  On hot summer days, you can take your kids into the bowling alley and have some family fun.

So how does it work.  Visit this website  You have to put in your contact info and the names and ages of your kiddos.  Then each week coupons are sent to your email.

Don’t have a printer?  No worries.  Bring your smart phone or table with you and the bowling alley (at least the Staunton Lanes) will honor the coupon.

There are 8 bowling alleys in Virginia participating, including the Staunton Bowling Lanes and Wayne Lanes.

The fine print:  there is still a charge for bowling shoes.  Parents pay for their games, but they offer a pass for parents at around $25.

We just did this for the first time today and I can’t wait to go back! The two year old cleaned up with a score of 87.  And he lifted those 6 and 8 pound balls mostly by himself.

Sign up right away.  It is a fabulous deal.


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