Rondanthe 10 days post Hurricane Arthur

We are spending a week at Rodanthe, on North Carolina’s infamous Outer Banks (OBX).  The economy on the OBX is quite dependent on seasonal tourism, and the arrival of Hurricane Arthur, a Category 2 hurricane, put a damper on the Independence Day celebrations on Hatteras Island. Crews worked quickly and were able to open up Highway 12 that next Saturday.  

Camp Hatteras Sign
Street sign in a front yard
On Sunday we received and email notice from the rental company, notifying guests that they were working to check out all the homes, and would notify first those due to arrive the weekend of July 5th, and next those of us scheduled to come the weekend of July 12. We were blessed to be in the later grouping and were notified on Wednesday that our house was cleared for vacation.
Snapped cable in the surf
Highway 12 at Mirlo Beach
We’ve been coming to the OBX every summer since I was a small child.  It is a second home to us.  We’ve visited after tropical storms and hurricanes have hit, but never this soon.  It is an interesting experience, vacationing while an island repairs.  It seems odd to be sunning while crews are working to repair and clean up.
Debris being cleared on Highway 12
Sandy roads and driveways
Then again, the things you take for granted, like clean sandy beaches, are littered with debris.  The front steps leading to our house, are blocked with both sea grass and the stairs from the home across the street.  We are missing most of the screens on the porch and there are piles of sand everywhere.  
Sea Grass in the shower stall
Neighboring house’s stair rail underneath our stairs

Debris on beaches and dunes
But these are first world issues.  I am happy to report that the weather is gorgeous, the water is warm,  the skies are a beautiful blue, and Hatteras Island is open for business!  

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