A Pirate’s Life for Me

Ahoy Mateys.  Welcome aboard the Sea Gypsy IV.  If ye be lookin’ for treasure ye ‘ave come to the right spot.  We be scourin’ the sea and searchin’ for that X.  But keep yer eyes peeled; there may be a message in a bottle and even a scurvy scoundrel.

It was a glorious day at sea with the Pirate Adventures in Manteo, NC.  We booked an adventure for 11am, and the cost was $12 (0-2) and $23 (3 and up).  Located at the Magnolia Marketplace, at the end of town, the location was perfect for getting little pirates ready for a day at sea. We arrived early and the kids were tattooed and given the appropriate swashbuckling’ garb (note, eyepatches and swords sold separately).

The children were gathered together and taught a few important pirate words. Afterwards it was time to sneak through town onto the boat. The children had to show their muscles in order to board.

Then the children were gathered on deck and their excitement was built, while the parents were given important safety instructions from Captain Chum.  Once we were up to speed on life jackets and boat safety,  it was time to set sail.  There was so much going on!  First the kids had to find and read a treasure map.

Then, they found a message in a bottle.  After is was almost opened on my little guy’s head, they read the message and were off to fight Pirate Pete.

It took four separate attempts with the water cannons before that scoundrel was defeated.

Then they had to find the treasure in the water. X Marks the spot.

I can not say enough about this trip!  It was wonderful.  They kids had an absolute blast.  If you are going to splurge on anything during your Outer Banks vacation, let this be the one.

1) Bring water.
2) Bring a sword, eye patch and bandana, unless you don’t mind spending another $1-$10 dollars.
3) Call ahead of time…they book up quick!!!!!
4) Have cash for a tip.
5) Put on sunscreen for the kiddos…they are on a boat for an hour and a half.
6) Arrive early, like they request, so your kids can get into character.
7) Make sure your camera is charged up and there is plenty of room on your disk.


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