Full Moon Brewery

If you are looking for yummy food and great beer, make sure you check out Full Moon Brewery in Manteo on North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

Located near the waterfront, Full Moon Brewery has been open since 1995. They offer inside and outside dining option.  We chose to get in out of the heat, and sat in the restaurant side of the brewery.

We arrived around 2:30, just after the lunch rush.  The dining room was a bit out of order, but it was clear they had no time to vacuum as there was a steady stream of customers arriving while we were dining.  We ordered a flight of beers for just $7.50.  Each beer was delicious and they have a heavy British influence.

It was the middle of the afternoon, but we had several people recommend the food, so we ordered the nachos, loaded with chicken, and guacamole added on the side.  So. Darn. Good!  We were fighting over the crumbs.  We seriously devoured them in like 15 minutes flat.

When visiting Manteo, stop in for a pint or flight, and a bite. The prices are reasonable and it is so worth it!  Your tastebuds will thank you, over and over.

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