An Amazing Day at the Disney Social Media Moms Conference: Part 1 the Intro

As many of you know I am new to the blogging world.  Less than a year in, and I’m still finding my niche and my voice.  I think this safely puts me in the newbie category.  Needless to say, I was thrilled to be among the 150 chosen to attend the Disney Social Media Moms On the Road Celebration in Philadelphia.

It is no secret that I have a love affair with Disney.  Some call it passion, others call it addiction, compulsion, obsession and swear I need an intervention.  But in all honesty, the Walt Disney Company is like none other.  Companies worldwide send their employees to train at Disney Institute; as they set the standard when it comes to guest relations (both internal and external).

On the morning of the conference, I was up bright and early– quite an unusual occurrence for this night owl.  I had my outfit picked out, devices charged, business cards packed and it was out the door and to the Crowne Plaza in King of Prussia.

I arrived and met a group of lovely ladies including Lori: Take Time for Today, Heather: Sugar ‘N Spice Life, and Ashley: Teachable Mommy to name just a few!  We grabbed our credentials and swag bags and headed into the conference.

We found seats and it was time to make new friends, take pictures, exchange business cards and dive into the world of networking.  The networking part of the morning was as valuable for me as the speakers.  I met new and established bloggers, podcasters, and Disney Parks Moms Panelists.  It was great to spend time with normal women (and a few men), who all had a passion for social media, and were making their dreams a reality. I learned some great tips and pointers from these social media mavens.

As far as the overall conference, I have to say, everything was simply done up to the nines (as one would expect from Disney).  It was sensory overload.  There was music playing in the background and it smelled like fresh baked cookies.  There was a photo booth set up…complete with props.  There were balloons and table decorations and pixie dust everywhere (figuratively).

After we spent time breaking the ice, it was time for breakfast.  Breakfast was fantastic!

After we finished breakfast it was time to get down to business and learn. This is a good stopping point, although awkward transition.

Next up: Lessons and Takeaways.


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