An Amazing Day at the #DisneySMMoms Conference in Philly: Part 3 Pixie Dust and Fun

This is the third installment on the Disney Social Media Moms Conference that I attended in Philly last month.  The first post was an overview and intro, the second post highlighted lessons learned and takeaways.  This post is dedicated to the FUN!

True to Disney, the team brought the fun of the Disney Parks to the conference.  The first item up was an ice-breaker.  They used none other than Disney Pin Trading as a method for folks to get to know each other.  If you are not familiar, pin trading is a tradition that officially kicked off in 1999, and allows guests to trade pins with cast members and other guests.  Look at this beauty!

Throughout the day, we had to make sure our sugar levels were up…you know, for concentration and all that.  All I can say is YUMMY!!

 After a wonderful day of lessons, tips, tricks and takeaways, a special guest dropped in for a visit!!!  I sort of had a heads up (thank you twitter) and made sure my husband and kids got there in time. After all, it had been 7 long months since we’ve seen our favorite pal!

Then, I got to meet Gary Buchanan.  I tell you, he is a celebrity in the Disney Social Media circles! 
When we got home, I finally opened the bag of goodies!!!  I was amazed by how wonderful it was.
Many thanks to Moms Select, American Tourister, HP, GoGo Squeez, and Sugar in the Raw for sponsoring this amazing event.  And to Maria Bailey and her team, you put together a fantastic conference!  So many thanks!

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