An Amazing Day with the #DisneySMMoms: Part 2 Lessons

I spent a day in Philly last month with the Disney Social Media Moms.  It was an amazing experience!  My last post talked about the intro and feel.  This post will focus on what I learned.

It can not go without saying, that the speakers were incredible.  Their knowledge, tips and life experiences offered a breadth of invaluable information.

First up was the infamous Gary Buchanan, Social Media Managing Editor.  He filled us in on the imagineering behind the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and the social media promotions that ensued. He also talked about the new #DisneyKids focus and looking at Disney through the eyes of children.  He showed us a few cute videos that highlighted this. Gary’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious and it  made you want to run out, grab your kids, and start hash tagging #DisneyKids.

Next up was Jennifer Fickley-Baker, Social Media Manager for Disney Parks Blog. She offered some fabulous ideas for enhancing one’s blog.  I really liked her discussion of having a series on the blog…something that is featured on a regular basis that readers can look forward to.  She discussed writing posts that encapsulated moments and values. But my biggest takeaway was this advice: “If you are looking for good content, just chase an idea.”

Then we heard from Noah Lomax with HP.  He highlighted ways that HP was making life easier through ePrint solutions.  He also discussed the Two Smiles at home gift card options which are perfect for busy moms and dads on the go.

Victoria Lim was next.  I have to say, I could have listened to Victoria ALL DAY!!!  She was phenomenal.  A former television reporter, Victoria had energy and a confidence that was so fun to be around.  She taught us tips and tricks using available apps on mobile devices.   She discussed the gear that was available to enhance photo taking on phones and how to make the shot, or video, stand out.  As one who loves to take photos (this post clearly does not reflect this statement) I soaked up every word.  If you have a chance to hear Victoria speak, go and do so!

Then it was time for a panel discussion.  We heard from Kristi Gorinas, Amy Bradley and Jen Groover.  These three ladies are successful entrepreneurs, who each started with an innovative idea and turned it into profit. They discussed building and managing a business with children, researching new products and licensing.  It was quite an informative Q&A session.

Last up was Debbie Silber, The Mojo Coach.  A motivational speaker, Debbie  discussed how you can do, have and be it all with just a few steps that included focusing on body, mindset and lifestyle.  I had 2 takeaways from this talk.

The first was, “your belief system is nothing more than repetition of an idea from someone you trust.” This was quite powerful.  It’s that inner voice, whether good or bad, that can send you into the stratosphere or hold you back.  I realized that that voice can say anything I want it to say; so long as I trust myself.

The second was, “Be 100% in the space you are.”  How true is this!  As I type this, I have the kids getting ready for bath time, the tv is on in the background (no judgement), and I have dinner dishes that need to be wrapped up.  Giving and being 100% in the moment is a challenge.  But it is important. And this translates not just in blogging or business, but with relationships, kids, husbands, family and friends as well.

I can not believe how much was packed into just 5 short hours.  The takeaways were fabulous.  And while I am still a bit gun-shy about unleashing my full voice, the tools and tips and content that I learned have definitely put me on the path towards success.

Now I just need to make that inner voice tell me that we are about to embark on a fabulous adventure in writing!

Next up, Part 3: The Pixie Dust and Fun.


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