A Day at McCormick Farm

What a glorious late summer day we had at the McCormick Farm in Raphine, VA!   Cyrus McCormick is most famous for his invention of the reaper, which revolutionized farming and farm labor.

McCormick’s farm, known as Walnut Grove, is a 532 acre oasis, with 5 acres that houses 8 of the 9 original buildings. It was owned by the McCormick family until 1954 when it was donated to Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Tech).

This is a free experience!  The exhibits are cool and I always love walking into buildings built in the 1800’s.

There is also the Marl Creek Walking Trail. The boys were in heaven walking on the trail, climbing on tree stumps, looking for birds and animals.

I LOVE sharing history lessons with the kids.  Given their age, they may not fully understand, but they are at least soaking up the knowledge.  While I loved exploring the buildings of the 19th century farm, they boys had a great time climbing on rocks, looking at geese and throwing rocks in the water.


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