Fun, Family-Friendly Festivals

I must apologize.  The time has flown by and here it is a month later and I did not write a single post.  It is our busy time of year; school starting, festivals and politics.  While I will not be very active in October, I still hope to pass along our adventures as they occur. 

Living in the Shenandoah Valley, we have the benefit of lots of fall festivals. And wine festivals.  And craft beer festivals.  And craft festivals.  Fall is prime festival season and we try to hit a couple each month.  We made it two this September: The Good Times, Tastes and Tradition and The Roadkill Cook-off.

The Good Times, Tastes and Traditions, sponsored by the Augusta Regional Chamber of Commerce, is hosted at the Frontier Culture Museum.  This festival combines the cultural aspects of Germany, Ireland/Scotland, United Kingdom and West Africa, with a fun beer and wine festival.   There is also an entire section devoted to education and play for kiddos. We like this festival because there is so much to do for both kids and adults.

The Roadkill Coof-off takes place in Marlinton, WV and is sponsored by the Pocahontas County Chamber of Commerce.  The rules are pretty simple, contestants must use wild game that can be found on the side of the road.  It can not be pre-cooked, and preparation and cooking begins at 9 am.
This is a quirky festival.  In the past there has been bear, alligator, turkey, squirrel and more.  This year, there were 5 entrants, and all served a version of turkey.    
Along with the cook-off, there is music, a fair and fun products that can be purchased.  It’s a great day trip through some gorgeous mountains.  The weather this year was perfect!
Street Festival

One of the contestants…The Coal Hollow Brothers

The judges hard at work 

Matt sampling some wild turkey

The 3 Amigos, Matt’s favorite
Where the magic happens

Not part of the festival, but pretty cool!!!

My tips for a successful festival:

1) Bring the stroller; it makes life so much easier to load the kids up and go.
2) Bring lots of snacks and water.  I am always amazed at how quickly snacks can ward off a meltdown.
3) Take it slow and don’t plan to stay more than a couple of hours.  They still need their naps and may not be quite as interested as we are in the uniqueness of the event.
4) Find out where the bathrooms and food tents are upon arrival…that way you can avoid a crisis.
5) Bring a camera and have fun!

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