A New Year, A New #DisneySide Party

It is January, which means it is time to prepare for our upcoming #DisneySide party! Once again, I am delighted to announce that I was selected to host a party, sponsored by Disney Parks, Moms Select, AllHP and a host of others who will be mentioned below.

I received the glorious email on January 5th.  There are five themes: Preschool Princess, Preschool Cars, Multi-generational, Tweens/Teens Villains and Mickey and Friends.  I was chosen to host a Mickey and Friends party.

My package arrived at the front door via UPS.  The kids were excited, to say the least. Even my one year old niece couldn’t wait to see what was in the box!
As I unpacked, I was in awe.  There was so much packed into a 10 pound box!  It was like a clown car…more and more kept coming out!
So what was in the box?  Let’s take a closer look.  First up, we have Duff cake mix, Wilton sprinkles and a Mickey cake pan.
Next up, Mickey and friends.  The theme comes from one of our favorite Disney Junior shows, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
We have 2 boys, so most of our parties tend to be, well, boyish.  Thankfully, there is a touch of pink for the princesses that will be attending. The girls are going to go nuts over those nail polishes. There are 18 different colors…18! I have a feeling it won’t only be the little girls sampling colors.
The #DisneySide kit came chock full of party games, decorations, tattoos, a Walt Disney World Resort vacation planning DVD and even invitations.
Lastly, goodies from sponsors including Crayola, Wisk, Snuggle, Beyond Beef, All and HP.
Thank you to Mom Select, Disney Parks and all of the wonderful sponsors.  I look forward to hosting our #DisneySide Super Bowl party!  Stay tuned for party planning posts.
Are you hosting a #DisneySide party?  I’d love to hear from you about your theme and party planning ideas.

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