Hosting a Practically Perfect Tea Party Baby Shower

We had so much fun hosting my sister’s baby shower.  Well technically it was a sprinkle, but I sometimes tend to go a bit overboard.

See, she’s having a baby girl.  And it took years for this tiny miracle to be created. And, since there is a big brother in the house, well, we had to indulge in PINK!

We (my mom, sisters and Bev) decided to throw a practically perfect princess high tea party.  Yep, all those words.

It was off to Pinterest for me to find some fun crafting ideas.  Now, I’m not super duper crafty, only like sorta, kinda, I get lucky that things turn out well, crafty. A few glue sticks, paper cuts and creative fun days later and we had results!

The menus were printed on HP photo paper that I had received in a DisneySide party kit. I had hosted the party a week before, but the photo paper was perfect for this tea party!

There was more left over pixie dust in that DisneySide kit…nail polish!!! Now, you can’t have a practically perfect princess high tea party without the nail polish and bling so…

We were under strict orders not to play games.  But we had to have a little fun :-).

Now it’s not a shower sprinkle without a ridiculous amount of cuteness that would make any uterus ache.
I would say this practically perfect princess tea baby shower was a success!

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