2 little boys and their aunt walking on a trail

Family Friendly, Energy Burning Outings

It’s Spring!  The flowers are popping, the leaves are budding, the birds are singing and the kids are bouncing—off the walls.  It’s time to get out and let them RUN!  With spring breaks on the horizon, let’s talk about healthy, semi-organized play. Below are a few family-friendly, heart-pumping, nap-inducing activities.

Take a Hike2 little boys and their aunt walking on a trail
The Commonwealth is rich with great hiking destinations.  Some are quite challenging while others are nice strolls.  My kids love our hikes and there are three trails  that we routinely  take;  Augusta Springs Wetlands TrailHumpback Rocks and Humpback Rocks Mountain Farm Trail, and St Mary’s Wilderness hike.

I like to go with another adult when we are heading into the woods, for multiple reasons.  We usually bring snacks and drinks and make a fun morning exploring nature.  It’s a science lesson, without the formal classroom.

Disc Golf
What is Disc Golf you ask?  It is golf, played with a frisbee.  There are 18 holes and the rules are the same as golf; sink the frisbee into the basket with the fewest amount of throws. The best part, there are usually few lines, very little wait times and it’s free (although check your local course for their information); you just have to bring your own discs.

Is there a disc golf course near you?  Check this link of Virginia disc golf courses. Staunton has a great course (ranked #3 in VA) located at Montgomery Hall Park.

TIP: Make sure you mark your discs with your name.  Like golf balls, they may become lost or find themselves with a few other strays out in the woods.

Much like disc golf, FootGolf is golf, played with a soccer ball.  Using a regulation #5 soccer ball, the object is to kick the ball into a 21″ cup. It’s a fun sport that combines foot skills with precision. This is a sport that is on the rise, with courses being added each year.  Virginia boasts 9, with the newest one just added at Gypsy Hill Park in Staunton. Costs vary; please check with your local course for pricing info.

Other Fun
We also like getting on our bikes and going for rides in the neighborhood, taking our kite out on a windy day, and tossing the ball (especially now that it’s tee ball season).  

What does your family do to burn off energy?  Leave your fun outing ideas below in the comments section.


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