Staunton Braves–A Summertime Tradition

Each summer, college kids from up and down the East Coast come to play ball with one of 12 Valley Baseball League (VBL) teams. Founded in 1897 as a Class-D minor league, the VBL eventually evolved to a NCAA-sanctioned league in 1961. The VBL is one of 13 members of the National Alliance of College Summer  Baseball.  Here in Staunton, we are fortunate enough to be home to one of those teams–the Staunton Braves.

Summer Baseball League field

The  Staunton Braves have been an institution in town since 1915.  Hosting 23 home games at the Ted Bosiak Field, located at Gypsy Hill Park, the Braves play ball from June-July each summer.  Tickets cost $5 however, thanks to many generous sponsors, tickets can be obtained for free by visiting sponsor locations.

bosiak field

We love going to Braves games.  The fans are great–one of the largest, and most loyal, fan bases in the League.  The kids love munching on popcorn, hotdogs, pizza or ice-cream.  And the give-aways are pretty sweet too. Parking is a breeze and free.  The neighborhood is safe and it is definitely a family-friendly venue.

Concession Stand Braves


Braves Concessions

If you are looking for some coaching for your kids, this summer the Braves will host two summer camps: June 15-18 and July 6-9 for kids ages 7-9 and 10-12.  More information can be found here.

Staunton Braves

Looking for something fun to do?  Come on down to see a ball game.


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