Our favorite walk through the past

One of our favorite activities is heading to the Staunton Train Station and exploring.  I don’t know if it’s nostalgia–my dad used to take my brother and me every Friday night to see the trains when were my boys’ age–or if it’s looking at the fun cabooses, but this is an activity we do several times a month.

Staunton Train Station with the Sears Hill Bridge crossing

Staunton Train Station with the Sears Hill Bridge crossing

This morning the kids were bouncing off the walls.  I was working on a few projects and no field trips were planned for Tidy Up Thursday.  But, it was a beautiful day and there was no good reason to stay inside ALL day.

We got dressed and headed on down.  This time we altered our plan a bit, heading up the Sears Hill Bridge. The Sears Hill Bridge has recently been restored thanks to many generous sponsors in our community.  It is the connector between Sears Hill and downtown and is used by many.

Sears Hill Bridge 1

Sears Hill Bridge 3

The boys crossed the bridge and wanted to keep going.  We were greeted with a Little Free Library along the path to Woodrow Park. This made me quite happy!

Little Free Library

The boys ran and payed and then we took a moment to sit and enjoy the view towards the top.

View from Sears Hill

We headed back down and resumed our usual route along the train platform.  It is a great spot for the boys to run (noticing a theme here?) and get out their energy.

Train Platform

The train depot has several businesses (Monica Wilson Photography, Rachel’s Quilt Patch and Appalachian Pieceworks Antiques) and a restaurant (The Depot Grille) located along the tracks, and I love that they use cabooses as part of their store space.

Train Caboose as Stores

We can easily spend an hour running around and exploring.  If you are looking for a fun and free outing for the kids, head on up to the train station.


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