Our 2015 #DisneySide Party

We received a party kit from Disney Parks to host our celebration.  All opinions expressed are my own.

A certified Walt Disney World (and all things Disney) fanatic, I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to share my #DisneySide party style with family and friends.  We decided to incorporate our party with the biggest football day of the year and hosted a Super Celebration.

We had a lot of fun prepping for the party.  I made super cute “Trip Fund” jars, using mason jars, stickers, ribbon and a glue gun.

Next, we added some Disney Parks touches around the house.

Do you recognize that print from last year?  We used it for autographs at our last Walt Disney World Resort vacation.

The boys had a lot of fun making the Duff cake!

We decided to go with a Mexican food theme…do you spot the hidden Mickey?

We asked the little ones to come dressed as their favorite Disney family character (Disney Animation, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars).  While the adults watched the football game, we decorated the playroom, got out all of our favorite Disney toys and showed the little ones Planes Fire and Rescue.

We had a great time at our Super #DisneySide celebration!  Thank you to Mom Select, the Disney Parks and all of the wonderful sponsors including All, Whisk, and Duff, for a terrific party!


Hosting a Practically Perfect Tea Party Baby Shower

We had so much fun hosting my sister’s baby shower.  Well technically it was a sprinkle, but I sometimes tend to go a bit overboard.

See, she’s having a baby girl.  And it took years for this tiny miracle to be created. And, since there is a big brother in the house, well, we had to indulge in PINK!

We (my mom, sisters and Bev) decided to throw a practically perfect princess high tea party.  Yep, all those words.

It was off to Pinterest for me to find some fun crafting ideas.  Now, I’m not super duper crafty, only like sorta, kinda, I get lucky that things turn out well, crafty. A few glue sticks, paper cuts and creative fun days later and we had results!

The menus were printed on HP photo paper that I had received in a DisneySide party kit. I had hosted the party a week before, but the photo paper was perfect for this tea party!

There was more left over pixie dust in that DisneySide kit…nail polish!!! Now, you can’t have a practically perfect princess high tea party without the nail polish and bling so…

We were under strict orders not to play games.  But we had to have a little fun :-).

Now it’s not a shower sprinkle without a ridiculous amount of cuteness that would make any uterus ache.
I would say this practically perfect princess tea baby shower was a success!

A New Year, A New #DisneySide Party

It is January, which means it is time to prepare for our upcoming #DisneySide party! Once again, I am delighted to announce that I was selected to host a party, sponsored by Disney Parks, Moms Select, AllHP and a host of others who will be mentioned below.

I received the glorious email on January 5th.  There are five themes: Preschool Princess, Preschool Cars, Multi-generational, Tweens/Teens Villains and Mickey and Friends.  I was chosen to host a Mickey and Friends party.

My package arrived at the front door via UPS.  The kids were excited, to say the least. Even my one year old niece couldn’t wait to see what was in the box!
As I unpacked, I was in awe.  There was so much packed into a 10 pound box!  It was like a clown car…more and more kept coming out!
So what was in the box?  Let’s take a closer look.  First up, we have Duff cake mix, Wilton sprinkles and a Mickey cake pan.
Next up, Mickey and friends.  The theme comes from one of our favorite Disney Junior shows, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
We have 2 boys, so most of our parties tend to be, well, boyish.  Thankfully, there is a touch of pink for the princesses that will be attending. The girls are going to go nuts over those nail polishes. There are 18 different colors…18! I have a feeling it won’t only be the little girls sampling colors.
The #DisneySide kit came chock full of party games, decorations, tattoos, a Walt Disney World Resort vacation planning DVD and even invitations.
Lastly, goodies from sponsors including Crayola, Wisk, Snuggle, Beyond Beef, All and HP.
Thank you to Mom Select, Disney Parks and all of the wonderful sponsors.  I look forward to hosting our #DisneySide Super Bowl party!  Stay tuned for party planning posts.
Are you hosting a #DisneySide party?  I’d love to hear from you about your theme and party planning ideas.

I am hosting a Disney Kids Preschool Playdate!

Please note, I am receiving party supplies from Disney Parks and MomSelect to host this event. 
 All opinions expressed are my own.

Earlier this year, I had the joy of hosting a DisneySide at Home Celebration.  We had SO MUCH fun, that when the opportunity presented itself to host another party, I jumped at it.

This month, I will be hosting a Disney Kids Preschool Playdate.  With 2 preschoolers in the house, I can’t think of a more perfect party!  Our theme is Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

We just returned from Walt Disney World Resort, and this party is a fantastic way to ease back into normalcy, while still keeping Walt Disney World close to our hearts.

Stay tuned for party planning updates!

A Monstrous 4th Birthday Party, Part 2: The Fun!

We had been gearing up for a Monstrous party for several weeks now.  Finally the yard was in order, decoration finished and food made.

The children arrived beginning around 3pm.  They were greeted by our Dean of Admission and handed their registration letter, student id card and fraternity patch.

The children followed the Mikes to the backyard and descended upon the jungle gym.

Then it was time to start the games!  The kids divided up into their fraternities and met with their team captains.  The clues were read and the kids were off.  They kicked balls, went on a scavenger hunt and participated in a relay race/obstacle course.


Afterwards, it was time for cake!  And other assorted yummy treats.

A fun filled day was had by all!  Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate PQ!

A Monsters University 4th Birthday Party: Part 1- Party Planning

A monstrous good time was had this past weekend!  It was our oldest son’s 4th birthday and we threw a party that was fit for the occasion.

I started planning about 3 months ago, brainstorming ideas that would be entertaining for a dozen 2-4 year olds.  We had been watching Monsters University over and over and I realized there was a wealth of opportunity with a Monsters U theme.

I went on Spoonful and began browsing ideas. There was a pattern for MU varsity pennants that I printed off and made.  They looked great. Once those were made I thought it would be fun to make varsity patches. Using the same pattern and some felt; viola step one was complete.

Then I thought that it would be fun to have fraternity and sorority letters (cheer cards) represented along with the pennants.  I went online and found the letters for ROR, EEK, OK and HSS and printed them off as a pattern to go by. From there came the idea to make fraternity and sorority patches for each of the children.  About a month later I was finally done crafting :-).

Next it was time to figure out what we were going to do. And then it hit me–the Birthday Games.  The Birthday Games are a variation of the Scare Games which Oozma Kappa sort of won, maybe.  Well, not so much.

We entitled them the Birthday Games for any parents/kiddos who weren’t familiar with the movie…we didn’t want to “scare” them off.

I came up with four challenges.  It was a tough balance; I wanted to fill time, but on the other hand kids will only stay focused for so long.  These were fun and easy to execute.

Once the party was set it was time to come up with decorations.  I already had the pennants and fraternity cheer cards, but we needed more.  My sister in law gave me some fabulous items including the backdrop for photos.  Then I made some fun centerpieces and Mike pathway markers.  The markers were such a hit that the kids ended up moving them around (as seen in the photo below). I sprinkled in some toys and balloons and a party was born.

#DisneySide @Home Celebration

Many thanks to Disney, HP, American Tourister, and Craisins for sponsoring the party!

We had our #DisneySide party yesterday.  12 kiddos and 13 adults came to show their #DisneySide.  A 2 hour party turned into 5 as we played games, ate dole whips,  and dressed up as our favorite characters.

For decorations we used items supplied by Disney, along with maps that we customized via the Walt Disney World website, home made crafts and lots of Disney toys.

The children, with some help from their parents, wrote letters to their favorite Disney characters.

Everyone came dressed in their #DisneySide best!

We had a lot of fun with the photo booth!  
Overall, the party was a huge success.  It has been a tough winter weather wise.  This party came along at the best time.  Many thanks to Disney, HP, American Tourister and others for sponsoring this party.  What a great idea!